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  Official Rental Guide        
  All renters and/or additional drivers must be at least 25 years old. There are no exceptions to this.  
  Driver License  
  Drivers must posses a clean driver's license, valid for a least three years. Only the license holder present at the time of  
  rental and named on the Genius Car Rental agreement is permitted to drive the vehicle.  
  Additional Driver  
  You may add up to Two (2) additional drivers to the rental agreement free of charge. All age restrictions and rental guidelines  
  also apply to the additional drivers.  
  An authorization for the full amount of the rental will be held on a major credit card at time of rental. Acceptable methods  
  of payment are: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA. No Cash. No Debit Cards.  
  Weekend Rentals  
  All vehicles checked-out on Saturdays require a minimum 2-day rental. You may drop it off Sunday if it is more convenient but  
  you will be charged for 2 days until the vehicle is checked-in on Monday morning. There is absolutely no one-day weekends  
  permitted since we are closed on Sundays and there is no one to check-in the vehicle or rent it back out on Sundays.  
  All vehicles checked-out on Fridays require a minimum 3-day rental. If you are only looking for a 1-day rental on Fridays, the  
  vehicle must be returned by 9:00 AM on Saturdays regardless of what time you rented the vehicle on Friday. If you rented the  
  vehicle at 12:00 PM on Friday, you must return it by 9:00 AM on Saturday for it to count as a 1-day rental. Otherwise, you will  
  automatically be charged an extra 2-day weekend rental.  
  Please call us with any questions and we would be glad to assist you.  
  Renters who have current auto insurance must check their policy to verify if coverage extends to our rental vehicles. If you  
  have full coverage insurance and would like to use your own auto insurance policy, you must bring in a copy of your valid  
  insurance card with your name on it.  
  Renters who have only liability personal auto insurance and have no collision coverage through their credit card must purchase  
  RCP. Renter Collision Protection covers collision claims on a rental vehicle up to $20,000. The RCP claim deductible is $500.  
  Certain restrictions apply.  
  Should you choose coverage through your credit card company, it is your responsibility to notify the credit card company and  
  verify its terms and conditions of coverage. When submitting a claim to your credit card company, it is your responsiblity to  
  submit all necessary paperwork and verify that payment is made in a timely manner.  
  The above coverage does not include damage to the undercarriage & tires of the vehicle. The renter will be required to pay the  
  full amount for any damage caused to the mentioned parts. When picking up the car please be sure to inspect it thoroughly for  
  all and any existing damages.  
  Mileage Restriction  
  Standard rentals include 200 Free Miles per day. Smart Cars include 150 Free Miles per Day. Premium vehicles include 100  
  Free Miles per Day. We do offer an option to add 100 Miles per day to your rental for only $11/day. The Extra Mileage Option  
  applies only to Standard vehicles. Not on Premium Cars. Please call for special pricing if you plan on traveling further distances.  
  If you are running late, you must call 888-743-6487. There is a grace period of 30 minutes if you call us in advance that you  
  are running late. A delay of 1 to 2 hours in returning the vehicle will be charged at $20/hr. A delay of more than 2 hours  
  in returning the vehicle will automaticallly be charged as an extra day to your credit card on file.  
  Extension of Rental Period  
  All extensions must be requested and approved 24 hours before the end of your current rental period.  
  Condition of Vehicle & Cleanliness  
  All vehicles must be returned in the exact same condition as rented. There is a minimum $100 cleaning fee to all vehicles  
  returned in an unsanitary condition or with any type of trash remaining in the vehicle. Any damage to the interior of the vehicle  
  will be billed directly to your credit card.  
  Gasoline is not included in the rates. You must return the vehicle wth the same amount of gas as received.  
  It is a statutory requirement that both driver and passengers wear seat belts while driving. Infants, toddlers and children  
  must be seated in car seats suitable to their individual size and age. Car Seats can be rented directly at the rental counter.  
  In the unlikely event of a breakdown, please contact Genius Roadside Assistance which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days  
  a week. The phone number is 888-743-6487, Option #3.  
  Traffic Violations  
  The renter is liable for all parking fines, traffic and/or any towing violations including any handling fees issued during the  
  rental period. An additional handling fee of $50 will be charged by Genius Car Rental for all parking violations that are not paid  
  within 15 days of violation date.  
  Cancellation Policy  
  We have a strict 48-Hour Cancellation Policy. Meaning, you must call us at least 48 hours before your rental start time to  
  prevent a fee. Upon shorter notice, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged to the credit card taken at time of reservation.  
  Genius Car Rental may run a driver history report on any drives interested in renting a vehicle. Genius Car Rental reserves  
  the right to refuse car rental and/or any other service to any customer who does not comply with all the above terms.  
  Specialty Car Seats  
  Any additional seat installed in the vehicle, including baby seats, booster seats, etc., must be placed on top of a blanket  
  or similar protection must be used. You will be charged a minimum of $200 per violation if there is any damage to the  
  seats of the vehicle, including indentations in the leather or upholstery.  
  Tems are subject to change without prior notice.  
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